Motortane Ltd.

E-commerce project

“Motortane” is a company primarily oriented towards the American, Japanese, and Australian markets. They approached us to help them expand their reach with an online shop.

Additional requirement was to do extensive research and create a suitable search engine for the various brands and models of cars for which they offer lifting kits.

The second requirement was to highlight their key advantages and position them in their marketing strategy. And the third, but not least important, was, of course, to focus on their own development of “Easy on mounting” kits.



About Motortane

Motortane is a niche company offering a variety of high-quality lifting kits for cars, SUVs, and off-road vehicles (made of grade 10.9 steel and zinc-plated accessories), which make achieving maximum functionality of your vehicle easy. Whether you are looking for a kit that raises your car for extra clearance or one that provides access to hard-to-reach places, they have the perfect solution for you.

All kits offered by Motortane are made of high-quality materials and come with a lifetime warranty, so you can be assured that they will last long and provide years of reliable use. Motortane has patented their own development of a lifting kit with easy mounting called “Easy on mounting”. Unique in its kind, this kit stands out with much greater reliability and reduced installation time by hours.

Project details

Our aproach

  • To create the appropriate search engine according to the client’s requirements, we conducted in-depth research on user needs. After summarizing the results, we narrowed down the key searches to three that increase efficiency by over 250%, effectively showcasing the product requested by the client.
  • We conducted a thorough analysis of the company’s processes, prepared a SWAT analysis and competitor analysis, thus identifying five key advantages of the company – easy and quick installation, free fast delivery of parts worldwide, guaranteed return of the order or money in case of discrepancy or dissatisfaction by the customer, lifetime warranty on the product, and a available customer service center.
  • For the development of “Easy on mounting”, we created a separate panel in the online store and a separate section explaining the essence of the innovative mounting.
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